How To Get Rid Of Flies – Keep Them Away Forever

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Flies are troublesome insects that transmit disease when it comes into contact with a surface, including our food. They are found almost everywhere in the world, less in poles and high altitudes. Fortunately, there are some natural ways to get rid of the flies in the house. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to get rid of flies without using commercially available toxins.

Bags with water

Plastic filled plastic bags filled with water will help you to drive flies naturally. All you have to do is fill ¾ with a plastic bag and knot it so it does not flow. Hang it out, near windows or doors.

This natural trick is great because the water in the bag reflects the sunlight like a prism. Because of this, the flies do not come close to the bag.

Flies trapped with vinegar

Vinegar has acetic acid as the main ingredient. When dispersed on insects, vinegar slows them and you can get rid of them easily. You can combine it with other ingredients to be more effective in killing flies.

You need:
Transparent scotch tape
4 tablespoons of apple vinegar
1 spoonful of liquid soap
1 plastic bottle


First, cut the top of the bottle (neck). Then insert into the glass the cut-off part, upside down, like a funnel.
Stick it with Scotch tape and fill with water a fifth of the bottle. Add liquid soap and vinegar and shake gently to mix liquids well.
Use this trap in the places where the flies come. They will be attracted to vinegar, will fall into the trap and will not be able to go out.

Aromatic herbs

Some aromatic herbs have properties that help you drive away these uninvited guests from the house. These herbs drive away flies and other insects, so they are very good as a preventative measure.

You can make sachets with herbs such as mint, thyme, rosemary, and camphor. Place the sachets near the windows or doors.


Although the cloves do not kill flies, their smell will remove these insects. Bind 20-30 cloves into an apple or other similar fruit and place it in a place where the flies are gathered. Flies will leave, and the air in the house will be refreshed.

Honey with maple syrup

This is another effective natural method to keep flies away from food.

You just have to mix a little honey with maple syrup in a bowl. Place the mixture in a place in the house frequented by flies. Sweetness will attract them as a trap.

General cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness in the house is essential to ridding flies. It is important to do general cleaning and do not leave debris that can attract flies. Use a trash can with a lid to prevent the smell from tempting them.

Once you have finished cleaning, moisten a cloth with vinegar and rub the places where it usually flies. Wipe off windows and doors, for example. The smell of vinegar drives flies and keeps your house clean. You can put vinegar in a bottle with which you can spray through the house.

Image Credits: Flickr

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