How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell For A Healthy Indoor Environment

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The smell of cigarettes can be one of the most persistent smells in the house, smoke not only in carpets, curtains or curtains but also in walls and even in mobile, if they smoke intensively. Learn with this article how to get rid of smoke smell.

There are many products on the market to eliminate or fade the smell of cigarettes, but we can handle and find what we find at home. Here are several ways to eliminate the smell of cigarettes:

Vinegar – is very effective when it comes to removing the smell of cigarettes and can be used in many ways. As long as cigarette smoke persists in the room, a solution of vinegar (preferably apple vinegar) and a little water can be put in a spray container and sprayed through the room. The advantage of the vinegar to certain commercial products is that it can also be used if people live with allergies or suffer from asthma.

Vinegar can also be used in the long run – it is poured into bowls and is kept in rooms where it is frequently smoked, helping to prevent smell impregnation in walls or textiles. Also, diluted water vinegar can be used to clean carpets when trying to get rid of the smell of cigarettes.

Citrus – Lemon and orange peel can also be used when trying to get rid of smoke quickly, but also if we want to prevent the smell from settling permanently in the room. To quickly get rid of the smell of the cigarette in the room, we can use the lighter to “pearlized” the lemon or orange peel. Oils that will be removed from the bark will neutralize the smell of cigarette smoke. Also, citrus peels can be placed in bowls and left in smoking rooms to prevent the cigarette smell from being permanently installed.

Parsley and lemon – Parsley and lemon do not help very much to eliminate the smell of cigarettes (unless we use the links as a fan) but these verdant are useful when we want to avoid cigarette smell permanently occurring. All you have to do is just cut the greens and put them in saucers or bowls in the rooms where they smoked.

Sodium bicarbonate – Sodium bicarbonate put in envelopes placed in the smoking rooms will help absorb the smell of cigarettes. Sodium bicarbonate can also be spread on carpets, left a quarter of an hour to take effect and then aspirated. If you have a powerful vacuum cleaner, once with sodium bicarbonate you will be rid of the smell of cigarette. You can also use charcoal to absorb the smell of cigarettes (even the grill carbons you find at gas stations). The coals are left in bowls, in the corners of the rooms.

It should be mentioned that the above methods only bear fruit when the rooms are ventilated daily. Also, textiles (curtains, curtains, carpets) in the rooms where they are smoked should be washed frequently so that the cigarette smell does not settle. Again, vinegar can be used with confidence, including when cleaning mobile. If the washable paint is used on walls, water with a little vinegar will help eliminate the smell of cigarettes. In addition, if there are air conditioners in the room, the filters should be changed quite often.

Finally, if you have to quickly get rid of the smell of a cigarette recently smoked in a room, you can use the “turbo” method. Take a wet towel and turn vigorously through the room. Cigarette smoke, consisting of very small solid particles suspended in the air, will adhere to the wet towel, the smell being eliminated within minutes.

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