How To Get Rid Of Cats With 6 Plants To Drive Them Away

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Cats hate plants so if you do not know how to get rid of cats, read the article and find out which are the plants that remove the cats. At least some plant varieties. Cultivate them in the garden and keep away all the chickens in the neighborhood. On the contrary, if you are a cat owner, you need to know the 6 plants that drive cats away!

Many plants that drive cats away are either scented or have nice colored flowers, so they can be considered an attractive item in any garden.

1. Lavender

The simplest and best way to keep cats away from your flowers is to plant the lavender. Beautiful and fragrant, this plant is effective when planted to the ends of the garden. Once the lavender smells, the neighbors or the naked cats croak and search for another place to ride.

2. Coleus canina (Plectranthus caninus)

Used in many countries to keep cats and dogs away from the garden, this plant has the strongest effect on unwanted animals in the garden. It’s among the best plants that drive cats away. It has the best effect when it is planted in hedges, 1 m away from the areas you want to protect.

3. Virnant (Ruta graveolens)

The plant from the Balkans keeps cats at a distance, but can also irritate the human skin when touched. Vine is only recommended for planting in areas where you do not risk touching it when you care for your plants.

4. Deer Basil (Mentha pulegium)

Because it is part of the mint family, the deer basil has a strong, pleasant smell for humans, very unpleasant to cats, as such is also one of the best plants that drive cats away. Its violet flowers can give the garden a slightly wild appearance, but this plant performs well as a “cat scarecrow”. It is also used as an aromatic plant in culinary and aromatherapy.

5. Geraniums

They’re not just anti-cats, but the Geraniums have a special decorative role and are not agreed with cats. If planted in rows that create a fence around other plants, they are more effective for discouraging cats who want to dig in your garden.

6. Rosemary

Among other plants that drive cats away, rosemary can be the most practical choice. Not by the other, but if you plant enough, you can also use it with a lot of Italian and French recipes.

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