How To Get Rid Of Maggots – The Best Cleaning Guide

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Maggots are insect care to attack the fabrics of your home, whether it’s bed linen or the best story of your clothes. They prefer wool, fur, or silk, that is, the most expensive fabrics. It is enough to have a maggot. This can lay eggs, from which dozens will be born. If you discover a maggot, it is absolutely necessary to take some measures that will keep your clothes in perfect safety. Read in this article how to get rid of maggots.

1. Do wardrobe cleaning

Remove all clothes from the wardrobe and shake each piece of clothing separately. In this way, you will ensure that your clothes do not leave any maggot. If you want to make sure there is no egg on your clothes, the only option is to wash all your clothes.

While the clothes are airy/dry, they wash the inside of the wardrobe with a mixture of one side and one vinegar side. This step has a double role: the same way to remove odor odors and drive away the maggot.

Once the furniture is completely dry and before putting on your clothes, you can move on to the next step.

2. Use a spray against the maggots

Buy commercially a spray that drives or kills the maggot without exception. Spray the product inside the closet, close its doors and leave it closed for 30 minutes. After this period, the wardrobe doors and windows are opened for complete ventilation. Wait another 30 minutes, then arrange the clothes in the wardrobe.

3. Use slices against maggots

Also in trade, you will find more products against maggots. They come with practical packaging (some of which can hang just like a hat) and various flavors without any naphthalene flavor.

Arrange these sachets beside your clothes in the wardrobe. Eventually, you can place such a product on the hanger in the hall where you put your clothing when you get home.

Do not neglect drawers with scarves, bras or socks. It is enough for the maggots to be found in a single “untreated” place to multiply again.

4. Reduce humidity

Maggots are attracted to places with a humidity of over 70%, so try to solve this problem. It blows daily and uses the dehumidifying function of special or air conditioners with confidence.

How maggots enter your house

Most of the time, maggots come into the house through “contaminated” clothes with larvae or grow in the pantry in the food containers.

Pay special attention to how you store your food. Products such as rice, flour, sugar, nuts or cereals must be stored in clean and well-ventilated containers that prevent maggots from developing.

Maggots can also get to their home via birds, a rodent or pets. If you have a puppy that you take on a walk, access him with an anti-parasite collar and check his coats every time you bring him home, especially if they have long and dense fur.

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