How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell – The Best Homemade Remedies

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Cats are among the most adorable creatures that man knows, being for us like living toys, good interlocutors, and even friends, not to mention the fact that they catch the snakes. There are practically no people who do not love or sympathize with cats. However, they have a drawback, namely their specific smell. Even if they sometimes scratch the curtains, they do an inspection in the flowering green or scattered throughout their house, we close our eyes, but their smell becomes a burden for each of us. Some people even have an allergy just from the simple smell of a cat around. What is to be done in the given cases? Are there effective solutions to combat odors? For all of these questions, we will try to answer on how to get rid of cat urine smell in this article.

Are there “no odor” cats?

If you do not have a cat yet, but you want to have one, first of all, I suggest you pay attention to the advice of the specialists or veterinarians. They believe that most cats do not have “smell”. Many of these species of cats with time have been tamed domestically so that they not only do not have a specific smell but cease to further mean their territory, eliminating this habit from their genes. Such cats I recommend you to have no problems with their smell in the house.

An example would be the “Sphinx”, which not only does not smell but also has no fur, which can be enjoyed by people who are alert to cats. But even if they do not smell, their toilet needs to be changed periodically, because the urine smells anyway, even if not as much as other cats.

Other cat breeds that do not really have a strong smell are Toyger, Kurilian Bobtail, Scottish Fold etc. You may even ask the vendor if it is necessary to sterilize that animal. There are cases where this is not at all mandatory.

Besides, I would also give you some tips on choosing a cat. I would choose a cat because of this, unlike a cat, does not mark her territory. If, however, you choose a cat, then he thinks that it should be castrated, but this option is the choice of the master, many of whom do not take this step. Apart from this, an uncastrated cat will bring a little more to the village or villa, then to an apartment.

How to get rid of cat urine smell

But no matter how adorable our bloody and fluffy creature is, we get angry at the heights when she “forgets” where her toilet is and does her “chores” elsewhere. Many believe the cat’s urine smell is very hard to eliminate. Moreover, sometimes their toilet becomes unbearable.

If you use sand or the like, change it once in a day, and if you have a “hot” cat, then at least twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. But if you use a simple toilet without anything else, then the most recommended in the toilet is to use plenty of water to eliminate the smell. It is recommended to rinse two to three times a day.

In the case of the thresholds and stairs of the block, then it is best to help with washing with chlorine or bleach solutions. They can almost completely “kill” the smell of cat urine. But caution is that chlorine is only used in open spaces, not enclosed as an apartment or room because of its active substances it can seriously damage the health of both the cat and the human.

Moreover, if the smell of chlorine is harmful to all, the smell of perfume is most harmful to cats. We like the smell of deodorants, perfumes, and other flavoring sprays, but it has a negative effect on the cat’s airway. So it would be good to consider this work.

Returning to the smell of urine, in flats or other enclosed spaces where people live, the best solution for the poor potassium permanganate solution is. Spend the “dislocation” of the smell and see how the smell will disappear. Many housewives also use iodine, making a solution of water and a few drops of iodine tincture.

Besides these, the spirits and hydrogen peroxide work well. Spirits around is a good neutralizer of virtually all the smells. It can also be replaced with vodka. Depending on the “power” of the smell, you will use a larger or smaller quantity of vodka. It usually mixes with water. Other housewives use vinegar. The concentration used with water is 1: 4. To eliminate the smell and the yellow color on the floors and floors, the sodium bicarbonate works perfectly.

If your cat did the “thing” a few minutes ago, he has to cover the place with an absorbent paper. This will largely absorb the odor of the place, leaving you to just wash the place.

If your cat did the “thing” a few minutes ago, he has to cover the place with an absorbent paper. This will largely absorb the odor of the place, leaving only then to wash the first place with water and then with a solution listed above. By the way, that method is also useful for other odors not very pleasant.

If you find your place too late, then you will not eliminate the negative consequences too easily. In large part, the old odor can only be removed with chlorine. I do not find anything negative if you use chlorine or bleach in the apartment once or twice. This will also neutralize other odors.

In exceptional cases, when your cat is very naughty, find that its smell will not go away too easily, even if you take the above steps. Here is often recommended to make a small cosmetic repair of the apartment, for example, the wallpaper is able to keep the cat’s smell for a long time. But many housewives periodically wash the walls, removing their possible negative effects.

When the cat’s odor in the apartment is removed, you can return to your original smell control tips. Many people use it at this stage and many flavors, based on tea, coffee, plants, smells or lemon, to neutralize the odor of the cat.

What do you do if your cat peed on the couch?

This is already a serious problem because the cat’s urine smell is extremely difficult to remove from the soft fabric of the sofa, making it impossible to sit or sleep on it. It is best to use water and vinegar (proportions 1: 4). This is used by a sponge on the spot, then using absorbent paper on that spot.

Then press the salt with salt or sodium bicarbonate and let it be soaked. This somewhat helps to remove the stain. If the sofa’s surface is colorless, then you can use hydrogen peroxide. If the fabric is colored, a stain will appear.

In this case, summarize your actions on plain water. But you can use lemon juice in low concentrations. Removes sodium bicarbonate residuals with a brush or vacuum cleaner. By the way, it would fit the steam cleaner, where you can add a drop of lemon juice or other flavors to the water tank to better remove unpleasant smells.

Any of the above-mentioned tips you do not consider more effective, find out that the best method is prevention. So you better educate your pet not to be naughty. This is possible because there is one last example of how the cat has been taught to use even an umbrella. So the main factor you need to get your attention to is cat’s education and then using the tips to remove odors.

I wish you a good and obedient pet!

Image Credits: SheKnows

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