How To Get Rid Of Termites – Useful Home Remedies

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Termites can take you by surprise. They can multiply near your home without you realizing it. Unfortunately, any house (regardless of the material it is built from) represents an optimal environment for its development. They are known for their inexperienced appetite. The damages caused by these may be significant; read this article and learn how to get rid of termites.

Termites are a group of social insects. That is, they live in large groups and build their own nest, called Musuros. Their muscles can reach up to 15m. Some of the greatest termites have a dimension close to a 4-storey human building.

Depending on the food termites are divided into two categories: termites of dry wood, underground termites.

The underground terminals are the most common. Most of the time, they attack softwood or in poor condition. Clearly, dry woody termites attack dry wood. They do not need the earth to survive and they are a fierce enemy.

In the US, termites bring about $ 150,000,000 a year damage. Except for damages on
Which can bring them to construction, termites are useful life. They naturally achieve a permanent hygiene of forests in tropical regions. However, if plants are missing termites, they are nourished with man-made wooden constructions such as houses and barns.

Prevention and Combat

Underground terminals create tunnel systems that are laid the foundation of a building for discreet and easy access to a food source. Proof of termite infestation is the presence of mud tubes around the foundations. Termite can reach the thresholds or other wooden structures through cracks or voids in the foundation wall, under the exterior plaster, through porches, terraces or stairs. Also, another sign of termite infestation is the appearance of small holes such as needle holes on the wood surface.

Dry wood-carved termites and tunnels in furniture and in wooden walls. Termite feces emit mold smell. They have a smooth and smooth texture, similar to mold.

We recommend that you call on professionals to find out if you are confronted with an invasion of termites and get rid of them. Wood can be protected with specific substances. Also, removing dead plants, wooden stumps and other debris are a help.

Image Credits: Authority Remedies

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