How To Get Rid Of Silverfish – Prevent An Infestation

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Silverfish bugs are one of the most annoying bugs that might come in your property. No matter what you do, these insects will enter your home in search of food and shelter. Silverfish are the ones you want to eliminate because they will destroy your property.

How do I know if I have silverfish bugs?

Silverfish bugs are nocturnal insects that sleep during the day and appear at night. You may have an infestation in your property and you do not even know it. The only time people notice they have them is when they find them in the sink or in the tub.

Most silverfish bugs hide inside your bathroom, kitchen, your attic, and the basement. If you’ve noticed it, you should know there are much more silverfish bugs hidden in your home.

With a little effort, you can identify silverfish bugs very easily. They are gray and when they move around, wiggling around them looks like fish movement. They have a flattened and wingless body.

Silverfish bugs are attracted to flour, sugar, and starch. If they noticed you in your property then use it to test to find out in particular if they are hiding in your property. You know the exact place to target to get rid of them. Take a mixture of flour and water and combine them until you get a paste. Take the paste and put the index cards. Let it dry completely and put in places where they have noticed silverfish or if they feel they hide it. Let them sit for 24 hours and examine them to see if you see any signs that you have silverfish. Check for any signs that Silverfish was eating the flour mixture.

What does silverfish eat?

Their diet plan consists of almost everything. They eat glue, wallpaper paste, grain, flour, sugar, starch, fabric, mold, paper and much more. One of the biggest problems faced by many homeowners is that even if they take away their food supply, they are still vagabond. They are able to actually go 1 year without consuming one thing.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Bugs At Your Home

Silverfish bugs are identified in the open air under the stones, near the mold, in nests of birds and under the bark. They will find entries in your home and then if the conditions are what they like, I will not leave. These are going to stay inside your stay and breed. Silverfish as three types of conditions, food, humidity and wet conditions. We talked about cutting their food supply, but you also have to change other conditions. Make sure you do not have any pipe leaks inside your property. If you find that you have leaking pipes you need to get the pipes to be repaired. Silverfish like wet conditions. Get a humidifier to change the conditions in your residence. As soon as these conditions are met, he will seek new shelter.

Image Credits: What’s That Bug?

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