How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats – Prevent Naturally The Infestation

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All cat masters can say they had at least one episode in which they had to fight the felines flea. We’ve all tried, at least once, to remove these parasites with gunshot sprays, anti-flea collars, special powders, or all sorts of other treatments. But if you suffer from a chronic illness, if you are sensitive to chemicals, or if you simply have small children in the house and want to be more gentle with the cat and the Earth at the same time, why not try non-toxic alternatives on how to get rid of fleas on cats?

Here’s how to get rid of fleas on cats:

Take a cat bath

Although it sounds a little ridiculous, if the cat has a flea and you make a bath with an odor-free solution, diluted in water, you’ll be able to kill most of those fleas. Before taking a cat bath, put some soap foam around your neck to prevent the fleas from escaping to the dry area on your head. After bathing, he felled the felina long with the flea combs.

Seek for fleas every day

If your feline has access outside, it’s important to check if it does not have fleas as often as possible, even if it is possible. Use flea combs and pay special attention to the areas around the neck, stomach and tail because there are the fleas most often. Also, you could moisten the combs in the water before you start hunting, so you’re very likely to drown the parasites if you catch them.

Non-toxic traps

Put a soapy warm water pot in the dark places near the places where your cat often sleeps. The fleas will be attracted to the heat emanating from the water and will fall easily in it. However, if you prefer not to put pots in the water near the cat, you can always use electrical traps for parasites.

Check regularly the cat’s bed

By regularly washing the bed of the cat and the bedding it sleeps and drying it at high temperatures, kill the fleas eggs and larvae. Also, clean carpets and upholstery as often as possible.


Take the vacuum cleaner through the house, including the furniture, at least once a week. Some experts recommend putting a piece of naphthalene in the bag of the vacuum cleaner to kill the sucked fleas. When you finish the aspiration, throw the bag out immediately. If you have a vacuum cleaner that runs without sacks, empty the dirt container and wash it thoroughly before reinstalling it.

Try the diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth has special properties that dehydrate fleas. Paste the pastilles that contain this substance through the house, on the carpets, on the upholstery and let them act as long as possible. Aspirate them after the action period. DO NOT use pills designed to clean swimming pools because they also contain toxic substances that kill other bacteria. If you have breathing problems, you should use a mask when pressing the pills as the remaining powder from them can worsen your health.

Clean the yard

If you have grass or lawn in the yard, try to tweak it as often as possible. Eliminate any debris thrown into the yard and that would be a good environment for flea development. You can also sprinkle the backyard with special roundworms that live with larvae and flea eggs.

Do not give cats garlic

Many of the websites that promote livelihood as natural, recommend that you give garlic to a pet that has fleas. But what I do not know about these sites is that garlic is very toxic to cats and can cause severe anemia.

Take care of it with the essential oils

Another widespread method for killing fleas involves using essential oils in cat food or fur. But be careful. Many such oils are extremely toxic to cats. DO NOT use these oils unless advised by your veterinarian.

If you know other natural methods of “healing” flea cats, we look forward to sharing with them.

Image Credits: Pet MD

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