How To Get Rid Of Mold With 5 Natural Solutions

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One of the biggest misfortunes you can encounter in your home is mold. Aside from the fact that your walls get nonsteroidal and deteriorate, in time, there may also be health problems among family members, especially if some of them suffer from allergies or asthma. To solve the situation, you can buy various products from specialist stores. There are, however, some remedies that you can even prepare yourself at home from ingredients purchased from the pharmacy. Thus, if you keep reading this article, you will learn how to get rid of mold with 5 natural solutions!

Spores are invisible to the naked eye and able to survive in harsh, dry environments until they become ideal for development. When you see the smallest mold stain, you have to act immediately to combat massive infestations.

What is mold and when it occurs

Mold is a fungus whose spores are easily spreading. The main condition for this process to take place is the persistence of moisture. When the air vapor is deposited on the walls in the form of drops, the fungus proliferates. So it is possible to confront this problem especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen, where the steam produced by the hot liquids creates the right conditions.

Here are 5 natural solutions on how to get rid of mold in the house:

1. Tea tree oil

Mix four teaspoons of tea tree oil into four cups of water and add the solution to the sprayer. Spray on the mold surface and let it act for 15 minutes, then wipe with a cloth.

2. Grapefruit seed extract

Another antifungal with guaranteed effect is the grapefruit seed extract. It is very effective against mold. To prepare an anti-mold solution, you need to fill, as in the previous case, a bottle of water. For each 240 ml added, put 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract, shake the container and spray the composition onto areas where mold has been installed. Let the solution work indefinitely without rinsing with water. In this way, the effect of the remedy will be maintained for a long time.

3. Vinegar

What can not make the vinegar in our homes? It is capable of killing 82% of mold strains that usually infect our homes. Just spray the surfaces with white distilled vinegar and after a few repetitions get rid of worries.

4. Sodium bicarbonate

It can kill the mold and you can escape at the same time the mold smell in the house. Mix with water until a paste is applied to the mold stains, leave to act for 15-20 minutes and wipe with a cloth.

5. How to get rid of house mold with hydrogen peroxide

You probably know about hydrogen peroxide as it is used for disinfecting wounds, but also for hair discoloration. We assure you, however, that you can use it as well to remove the mold from the house. Unlike chlorine, it will not produce toxic fumes, so it can also be used by people with various health problems.

Here’s how to get rid of mold with hydrogen peroxide!

Fill a vial of hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 3% and spray on the affected areas. Wait 10 minutes, then rub the wall with a dry cloth with a rough texture to make sure you remove the fungus. Finally, wipe with another cloth slightly moistened with water to clean any residue.

Take into account the following advice!

To ensure that hydrogen peroxide does not lose its properties, keep the bottle where you keep the substance away from light, as UV radiation changes its chemical composition.

Now that you’ve found out how to get rid of the mold in the house, try one of these solutions without side effects on health, but also on the environment. If you liked this article, please share it on Facebook or give it a pin on Pinterest, so your friends could find out how to get rid of mold too.

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