How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes With Plants

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The heat begins and the mosquito hunt season opens. Insecticides are effective, but they can be toxic. We can replace them with plants that not only get rid of mosquitoes but bring in their fragrance.

Lavender and rosemary

The mosquitoes fight against the lavender or rosemary pots. It is true that these plants attract butterflies and bees, but both have an odor that flies the mosquitoes.

Queen of the night, carnations and petunias

Pleasant evenings that you spend with your friends later will no longer be disturbed by the base of uninvited guests. This only if you were careful to sit in the house with the queen of the night, the carnations or the petunias. Their scent will convince the mosquitoes to make their way out of the house.

Spices. Mint, thyme, basil, dill … Here’s the list of aromatic plants that you can rely on to get rid of unwanted visitors. They grow abundantly in the sunlit balconies. So it becomes a real army against mosquitoes.

Citrus. Nothing more threatening for mosquitoes than lemon flavor. Acid lemon varieties are easier to grow in the apartment and form an effective olfactory barrier against mosquito invasion. The hotter the outside, the lemon will give off a stronger odor.

Image Credits: Medical Daily

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