How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches – 5 Natural Solutions

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The cockroaches are the nightmare of any tenant and if we do not take action in time, we risk not getting rid of them. We have several weapons against cockroaches, some are natural methods, some are chemical. No matter your options, the best solutions will always be the natural ones. Your house and your health will benefit more this way. Thus, let’s learn how to get rid of cockroaches naturally with ingredients you have at home.

First, to prevent the appearance and development of cockroaches, some basic hygiene rules should be followed:

1. Keep your environment clean in the apartment, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.
2. Do not keep unburned dishes in the sink for days.
3. Get the garbage out frequently.
4. Store the food in the refrigerator, do not leave it on the table or on the counter.
5. Avoid sweeping because you scatter the cockroaches’ eggs through the house and it is preferable to use disposable bags at the vacuum cleaner.
6. Make regular general clean-up, which involves moving your furniture (wherever you can) and vacuuming the surfaces behind it.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever

Natural solutions against cockroaches

1. Immerse a cotton wool in a mixture of water, borax, and sugar and place it on a plate that you put on the terrace. This mixture and combination will attract the small cockroaches and it will kill them. Be careful to keep your pets away for this mixture could severely affect their health.

2. Blend in equal amounts sugar with baking powder and sprinkle the mixture in the areas where the cockroaches usually appear. Sugar will attract the cockroaches, while the baking powder will be the most effectively on them.

3. To keep them away, put on the corners or under several cabinets some cotton balls soaked with 6 drops of essential lavender oil. However, these cotton balls must be changed no more than two days.

4. Essential oil of eucalyptus is also a real barrier to cockroaches. Pour on a newspaper or piece of paper that you can sneak under the kitchen cabinet.

5. Powdery bay leaves or white vinegar are other effective organic resources in the fight against cockroaches, discouraging them from stepping further down your threshold.

Image Credits: Live Science

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