How To Get Rid Of Roaches – The Best Natural Eradication

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Roaches are becoming stubborn to occupy my personal space and my home. Kill one, at night you wake up in the sink with another ten. Pick up your favorite blouse from the closet, but then you see something moving. It’s the roach, the kitchen beetle, always accompanied by friends and descendants … How to get rid of roaches, these unexplored visitors? Well, if you are in the same situation, keep reading for the best natural eradication.

1. Cleaning

One of the most important steps in eradicating this problem against roaches is that of cleanliness. Do not keep the unburned dishes in the sink until they’re like a mountain. No garbage should be left for more than 48 hours.
Use vacuum cleaners with disposable bags and dispose of them as soon as you have finished cleaning. Never use the sweep as you will help to spread the eggs throughout the house.

You do not have to risk. Roaches are growing and growing fast. One is enough for them to spread everywhere. A general cleaning should be done constantly, accompanied by movable furniture and forgotten through all the nooks. One thing known is that spawning outbreaks are kitchen and bathroom. A solution is also the placing of tiles and faience, a more expensive one, but which results in 90% of those with unrenovated apartments.

On the other hand, the apartment must be isolated as well as possible. Even a mosquito net would be good for the space with ventilation. Very important to cover are the holes around the pipes and eventually any other areas communicating with the neighbors or the outside. If after isolation, there is a well-done extermination, in theory, roaches should have no way to appear again.

But how to get rid of roaches with the best natural methods out there?

Boric acid kills roaches, and the bay leaves keep them away so choose carefully your options.

Soak the bread in a mixture of boric acid water (found at the pharmacy), then place it on a jar lid that you put it in the places where you saw roaches. Boric acid kills them. If you have grandparents in the country who make house soap, you’re lucky. Ask for some lye (a product that remains after making soap) and put it on the “road” of roaches, where you saw them running. Spread bay leaves through the kitchen. Roaches do not like their smell and they tend to avoid places that smell bay leaves.

Against the roaches, you can also use salt or baking powder.

Brush dust to bake at the corners of the doors and over the walls, where you know the ants come. You can also use lemon salt (or lemon slides), salt, hot pepper or chili powder in places where ants often appear. You’ll get rid of them! They are also thrown away by fresh tomato leaves.

Image Credits: Terminix

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