How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Killing Them

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Once the cold season is installed, the mice are looking for food and higher temperatures so that they come out of cellars and storehouses and reach homes and apartments. Even people who regularly take care of their homes can face such a problem, especially if they live in blocks and old houses with unsanitary basements. Whether you are living on a farm at the country side or in a building in the city, mice can become uninvited guests. Beyond the fact that they are surprisingly quick to multiply and destroy your things, mice can be carriers of diseases that endanger your health so it is very important for you to learn how to get rid of mice as quickly as possibly. Preferably, without killing them, as I intend to show you in this article.

Here are three simple steps to get rid of the mice without killing them.

You need plastic gloves, cotton wool, vinegar and a bowl.

Step 1

Find out the areas in your home that rodents frequented. Make cleansing and remove any scraps of food that might attract them. Remove the shelves with a 1/1 solution of water and vinegar.

Step 2

Take a packet of cotton wool and rotate it as a nut. Keep them in your hand protected with gloves and pour vinegar over them over a bowl. The bowl can also be re-used for other mice. Then put them in the places where you found traces of mice: cupboards, cupboards, under the sink, etc. Also, where you find holes, fill them with cotton wool dipped in vinegar. Then make the necessary repairs to the cabinet or the wall, so that the mouse can not come back.

Step 3

Change the cotton buds when they dry out and do not smell the vinegar. Drop the dry roots.

You will find out if they have escaped or not when you can not find any traces of unwanted mice in your home (such as feces or traces of food) or if you can not hear noises through the walls. Which I can only hope for you!

Image Credits: Northwest Exterminating

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