How To Get Rid Of Flies – The Best Trick Of The Summer

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The warm months bring with them also the flies, more exactly, flies invasion. On the market, there are all sorts of solutions to buy, but you can get rid of them cheap, fast and naturally. I have a terrace outside in the yard. The big problem always has been the flies. I’ve also tried all kinds of solutions, but I can not seem to be able to get rid of them. Here’s what plants you can use if you do not know how to get rid of flies:

1. Basil

Insects hate the smell of basil, which is so strong that it is toxic to both mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

2. Mint

Crush a number of mint leaves and put them in the corners of the room or on the terrace or in the garden (if you live in the house). Spray with a little water and clear the leaves to smell. Your house will have a fresh air, and it will be free from the unfriendly mosquitoes.

3. Garlic

Bind two or three garlic chickens to the door of your door or put them on the closet. Garlic destroys all the bacteria that the flies and mosquitoes carry, and they remain without fuel, they will perish.

4. Walnut leaves

The walnut leaves contain substances that asphyxiate them on flies and scare them on mosquitoes. Our grandmothers who lived in the country often gathered walnut leaves, especially at the end of the evening, and put them on kitchen furniture or in the room to protect themselves from the mosquito bites.

5. Honey, sugar, and water – the perfect solution against flies

You can drive away the flies and mosquitoes with ingredients at your fingertips. All you have to do is fill a plastic bottle of water, sugar, and honey. Shake the bottle well and then cut it in half. Leave the solution on the table or in the spot where you notice the traffic of flies that have nothing to look for in your environment. When the mixture is homogeneous, you have to put the plastic with your surprise solution in a bright spot and place it in the right spot against the insects. See in the video below what happens with insects when they come across this natural solution.

Image Credits: Daily Mirror

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