How To Get Rid Of Gnats With Essential Mint Oil And Other Natural Tricks

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Essential mint oil removes both mosquitoes and other flying insects such as gnats. Use the mint oil in the house and keep mosquitoes, flies, and gnats away. People (both children and adults) enjoy the fresh, energizing smell. In addition, it creates a refreshing sensation that fits perfectly with hot summer days. And it will solve the problem on how to get rid of gnats.

Use of mint oil

Before you leave the house, apply mint oil directly to the ankles, wrists, and neck. You could put on your clothes, but first, make sure it does not stain them.

Use mint oil at home with an anti-insect spray

You can handle a solution in your house that you put in a spray and spray it all over your home. In the mixture, the essential oil can be applied so that its effect lasts longer.

You need:

– ¼ distilled or boiled water;

– two tablespoons of hamamelis;

– two tablespoons of vodka;

– 25 drops of essential oil of peppermint;

– 10 drops of essential oil of eucalyptus;

– 10 drops of essential oil of citronella;

– 10 drops of essential oil of cloves

– a spray container.

Use pure, undiluted essential oil to achieve the desired effect.

Step 1:

Start by adding ¼ distilled water to the container.

Step 2:

Add two tablespoons of hamamelis and the same quantity of vodka. They help disperse essential oils in water and also help maintain a longer odor on the skin.

Gnats are a specific matter for the summer period we face each day. When they invade your home, your sleep becomes a real nightmare. Here are some ways on how to get rid of gnats and to exterminate them.

Scented sticks and walnut leaves

The smell emanating from the burnt walnut leaves drives out the gnats.

The same effect has scented sticks;

If you like the smell of cloves, sprinkle it daily in a little container of essential oil, and you’ll get rid of the little buzzers.

Bicarbonate and olive oil

Sodium bicarbonate has many virtues, because behind the white powder is a strong non-toxic insecticide.

Mix a spoonful of bicarbonate with 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Fill a vaporizer bottle with half a liter of water and add the mixture.

Sprinkles several times a day until the insects disappear.

Essential bitter oil

Essential bitter oil is an excellent repellent for mosquitoes. Mix a drop of essential oil with 10 drops of vegetable oil and apply on exposed areas of the body. Caution: Essential bitter oil is forbidden during pregnancy and lactation.

Spices in pots

Mangyan, mint, thyme, basil, dill … Here’s the list of aromatic plants that you can rely on to get rid of uninvited visitors. They grow abundantly in the sun-filled balconies. That’s how they become a true vegetable army against the “invaders.”

Image Credits: Hunker

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