How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies – Keep Your Food Always Fresh

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Fruit flies occur in our homes regardless of the season or period of the year. Although they do not have a very long lifespan, they grow rapidly, especially if they come into contact with moisture, food or fruit. Here are some ways on how to get rid of fruit flies, the most unpleasant insects.

1 Find their hiding place

The closet, trash and kitchen cabinet are just some of the places where muscles can make their appearance. It is your job to clean these spaces very well and avoid leaving the food uncovered.
Before taking action, it’s a good idea to look for the places of origin and to see which is the reason they appear.

2 Hide supplies

Generally, fruit flies are born due to food or fermenting fruits. Especially during the summer, it is best to avoid leaving it at room temperature. Check the condition of the fruit twice a day and remove the damaged ones.

Do not leave uncovered food because it acts as a magnet on fruit flies. Beverages and dishes also favor multiplying them.

3 Put a trap

The best trap is actually their favorite drink. Not in vain, the name of “mushrooms of vinegar” or “drunken flies”. To eliminate them you will need wine or vinegar. They can be combined with sugar or dishwashing detergent for a quicker effect.

Pour the liquid into a container (jar, glass, bowl) and cover it with an aluminum foil or cellophane. Attach the foil around the bowl and drill it from place to place with a toothpick or fork. The aroma of wine or vinegar will attract the impostor into the trap, and the foil above will prevent them from coming to the surface.

If you do not have a foil to cover the pot, you can partially cover it with a sling. So you’re sure the fruit flies have no chance of survival once they come into contact with the liquid.

Position the container near the area where small insects work. Whether it’s the kitchen table, the sink mask, the basement of the house or the balcony of the apartment. A container of vinegar or wine can also be placed at the mouth of the water drains.

4 Close their access ways

It is possible for the fruit flies to appear through the sewer. Moisture from the basement of the blocks leads to the development of a very large number of copies. To avoid them getting into the bathroom or in the kitchen, it’s best to pour a little bleach into the drain sieve. Repeat the weekly process.

Before using any of the above solutions, you must make sure that you clean the house impeccably. Any trap will be useless if the fruit flies appear permanently due to negligence in the kitchen or bathroom. Disinfect all surfaces and take the garbage before using the trap.

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