How To Get Rid Of Fleas – Keep A Healthy Environment

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The fleas are growing very fast. A female can lay an egg an hour in a 3 month period of life. So, if pet animals have fleas, the risk that these parasites also reach your home is very high. High temperature and humidity are the main causes of flea development in the living space. Thus, learn how to get rid of fleas so you won’t face this problem ever again! Keep reading.

Signs of flea appearance are:

• pet (dog or cat) scratches a lot, and small black dots can be seen on his fur;
• There are signs similar to those of the mosquito pinch on your body or family members: red, hard bumps with a very strong feeling;
• he can see small bloodstains on carpets or bed linen; These are flea excrements; They can also be accompanied by whitish eggs.
It is good that when you notice the appearance of fleas do not allow children to stay in the home until the insects are exterminated. Fleas can transmit different diseases from animals or from one person to another. Pinholes are also very aggressive, especially for young children.

1. Vacuum the entire house

Vacuuming is the main method of escaping the flea from the house. Use a vacuum cleaner with disposable bags and handle it carefully to avoid leaving the flea to escape from the recipient. Once the bag has been loaded, it is good to seal and burn it. If you want to reuse it, bring it for 2 hours to the freezer. The low temperature will kill both fleas and their eggs. Another option is to use a water vacuum. In the dust accumulation liquid, add a few drops of insect solution to make sure nothing happens later. If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, then you can insert a piece of the anti-dust collar into the collecting container. Start first with the area where the animal usually stands. The carpet on which he sleeps, the entrance fee to the dwelling, the basket or the cage, and the area he eats. Next, you will have to put on carpets and carpets in the house because the fleas will lay their eggs here, confuse the texture of the carpet with the dog’s fur. He insists on an aspiration even the most hidden in the house. It does not omit bed mattresses, wardrobes or wardrobes. A flea stray among your clothes can give you a good time. Finally, you should vacuum the terrace, the veranda, the balcony or the stairwell.

2. Wash everything at high temperatures

Bedclothes, clothes that were exposed when you observed fleas, light carpets, curtains, and animal toys will be washed at as high temperatures as water and soap. You can also add vinegar to make sure the fleas will not get closer to the clothes. It is good to use a long washing program at the highest temperature the materials can handle. Do not hesitate when it comes to cotton because it also resists high temperatures. Use a strong detergent and, if appropriate, chlorine. For large carpets, parquet or tiles, it is highly recommended to use a mop or a hot steam cleaner. The steam temperature destroys any microbe or insect in the dwelling. After washing, clothes and wet surfaces should dry in the shortest time. Fleas are attracted to moisture, so it is good to reduce how much this factor in your home. The best method is to use the dryer at a high temperature. If you do not have a dryer, it is best to expose your clothes to a warmer area, preferably in the sun beam (the fleas and their eggs do not bear the direct heat of the sun or the cold).

3. Apply a natural extermination solution

If you are not the adherent of chemical insect solutions, you can adopt another method that has worked over time. Spread on carpets and floor and salt and borax. These two substances act against both adults (by dehydration) and eggs. Apply the solution in the evening, let it work overnight and aspire the next day at least 3 times. Another solution is to improvise a trap. Place a pot of water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent at a lamp. Turn on the lamp at night. The fleas will be attracted by the light and the heat of the bulb and will jump into the water bowl to get closer to the source. Although they can swim, soap in the water will no longer give them that possibility.

4. Attention to details

• Cut grass and bush in the garden to expose it to solar heat;
• carefully wipe your feet every time you enter the house;
• de-parasite the dog or cat periodically and protect them from fleas with a collar;
• if the quail shows signs of parasites, throws the bedding and de-strips the cage or the basket where it sleeps.

Image Credits: Pest Control Rx

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