Add Your Microwave To The Cleaning List Before Christmas

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We are sure that you happened to have the microwave filled with stains and food debris. They’re everywhere, huh? You can see the dirt in its support, the walls, the door. We know. However, for Christmas, it is important to clean everything as thoroughly possible.

The thought of a clean microwave with all sorts of harmful detergents is not something to consider. Luckily there is a natural solution, quick and easy to put into practice.

All you need is:

– A microwave-resistant bowl
– A lemon
– Water
– Cloth

Cleaning mode:

1. Fill the bowl with half a cup of water.

2. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it well. Pour the juice obtained in the bowl with water. Also, put in the bowl the two halves of the lemon left.

3. Put the bowl in the microwave, set during three minutes and start the oven at full power. After three minutes, the water should be close to boiling point or even boil.

4. After those three minutes, leave the oven door closed for another 5 minutes for the steam to act on grease and dirt deposited on the walls of the appliance.

5. Open the door, remove the bowl and gently put it away. If there is a rotating rack oven, get on that.

6. Remove the cloth holder. Then, wipe the inside walls. Remove any remaining crumbs in the oven and do not forget to wipe the door as well. If you are struggling with more “stubborn” spots, soften a corner of the cloth in water with lemon and use it to rub the spots in question.

That’s all! Now your microwave is clean. Simple, right? 🙂

What other tricks for cleaning in the kitchen you might know? Let’s share the tips for everyone to have an amazing Christmas!

Image Credits: The help of a Lemon

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