How Can You Remove Efficiently Stubborn Stains From Carpets?

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When it comes to cleaning, carpet care is proving to be a difficult process. Their maintenance involves more than their vacuuming, the more you look at these items as an investment for long term. An important role in this plays, of course, the material it is made of, synthetic fibers being much harder to clean. For daily maintenance, some additional steps are needed, such as using a steam cleaning machine to clean best the stains.

One way to get rid of spots that require minimum effort is using the washing machine that you can turn to for small carpets. In this case, use a special program with low temperature and without squeezing. For regaining the original color, create a solution of water and vinegar to rub the carpet with a brush.

If you have carpet stained with tea or coffee, traces of which you can remove if you rub a mixture of cold water and salt, water and boric acid, is diluting one teaspoon of boric acid in 250 ml of water.

Stains from soft drinks, fruit juices or milk can be removed if you mix 2 tablespoons of household ammonia, which contains no bleach, warm water, rinsing and then cleaning with water. Stains can be removed with a little mild dishwashing detergent and water. If the carpet was placed in an environment that is less conducive and it got stained with the rust, you can remove if you rub with lemon juice or kitchen salt mixed with lemon salt. After you have applied this solution, leave it to act for an hour, and then wash with detergent.

We all love chocolate, but not when it leaves stains on fabric. A quick solution to get rid of them consists in rubbing them with a mixture consisting of one part hot water and one vegetable glycerin and subsequent rinsing with warm water.

Oil stains, however, are those that give us the biggest headaches. It is recommended that immediately after the carpet got stained, to dab the stain with a paper napkin. To get rid of the stain, rub it with a mixture of equal amounts of ammonia and methyl alcohol, rinse, then clean with soap and water. An alternative is to sprinkle baking soda on the stain, letting it work for a few hours, then rub the stain.

Shoe polish stains can be removed easily using a mixture of alcohol, ammonia and soap. Spots of grass can be removed with rubbing alcohol, then wash with soap and water, while carpets show traces of red wine can be washed with a solution made up of three parts water and one white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. If the carpet has traces of blood you must have in mind not to use hot water because it sets them even harder into the fabric; thus, use a mixture of water and lemon salt and rinse with cold water.

Last but not least, the remaining traces left on by the pet are removed if you apply for a half hour, a solution of vinegar, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and a few drops of eucalypt or as a second option if you rub stains with a mixture of 125 ml of water, 125 ml of white spirit and a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent.

To enjoy as much of your carpets, you can turn to these few tricks that require little money and little effort.

Image Credits: Playroom Pencil Rug

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