Amazing And Useful Tips With Vodka For Cleaning

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It is no secret that the house has a bar and a bottle of vodka there. It is good if you drink it in moderation and rare, but vodka in the house has some stunning use for cleaning.

Keep flowers fresh for a long time.
It is certainly flowers like vodka. Mix a teaspoon or two of vodka and a tablespoon of sugar water in the vase and the flowers will keep fresh for long time. Very long time!

Clean glasses.
Especially sunglasses gets a very special sparkles if rub with a soft cotton cloth on which you put a teaspoon of drink.

Mix in a sprayer part vodka and one part water mist for the moldy places.
It works perfectly in areas with mold in the bathroom, but is unbeatable on wood that has been attacked by mold. In the case of wood allow the solution to work for a few minutes and then wipe the place with a soft cloth.

Remove odors from old clothes and shoes.
You know the smell of old clothes that you catch, the ones that were in plastic bags or those that have not been used for a long time. Mix in a spray bottle, two parts vodka and one part distilled water. Spray over the smell of old clothes and wait. Leave the coat in air for one hour. The smell disappears with it and then it will smell “vintage”. Spray also the shoes that smell bad. The effect is spectacular.

Semiprecious stones get cleaned with vodka.
Glass beads or semiprecious stones can be cleaned with vodka and they will get a special glow. Put vodka in a glass and put beads. Let them sit an hour then rinse them with water and wipe them. Clean with a cloth soaked in vodka fine porcelain, after being washed and wiped. They will come to life!

If you want to remove the labels with very adherent solutions from bottles or jars, the ideal solution is vodka. Put in a plate and rub the jar with vodka on label. The label will come off perfectly, quickly and easily.

Vodka can be used for other purposes. What are other uses you want to share?

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