Tips For A Clean And Organized Fridge

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Cleaning and organizing of the fridge are activities that we all avoid them, and we postpone them as much as possible. If you come to think about it, organizing the fridge should be a priority, but to be successful, you need a few aces up your sleeve.

Here are some tips for a cleaned and organized fridge:

Start by removing everything out, clean the shelves and after, put everything in place. The last part is causing problems, so hopefully these extra tips help.

Use egg holders
Most refrigerators come with support for eggs attached but you should buy an extra one if you want to make a difference. There is support for eggs with 15 seats with handles embedded with a hard cover that allows you to stack multiple eggs or other things on it.

The trick of expired food
See how your food is fresh. Once you move the eggs from the refrigerator carton holder, you can write on them with a marker the expiration date.

A shelf labeled “eat me”
When you have a lot of food in the refrigerator, it is easy to be distracted and allow for food to spoil or expire. That is why we should sacrifice a shelf in the refrigerator, putting the label “eat me” or “expire soon.” You put foods that will expire soon, to see them and consume them faster.

Use labels
Tags help no matter what you want to organize. In the fridge, you can put labels on crates, boxes, jars and bottles, to know what is inside them. Thus, it is easier to identify the contents without having to look inside.

Keep order among fruits
You know how frustrating it is to look for fruit in the fridge, which is why you should try a fruit stand.

Support for cans of juice or beer
If you want to put your juice boxes on shelves, arranged in rows, you’ll waste a lot of useful space. Instead, seek support for them to save space.

Clean your boxes and trays
Storing things in transparent containers is practical, especially in refrigerators. Makes identifying and extract food to be very light. Deposit fruit and other food boxes and trays is perfect for creating space.

Bottle holders
When there is no space on the shelves of the refrigerator door, wine bottles can sit horizontally on shelves, but you need special supports to not worry because it could tumble and shatter.

Write lists with permanent marker
If you are organized by nature, might to like the idea of everything you store in the refrigerator view. You can turn your refrigerator door in a sheet and you can make a list of all food from the refrigerator, organizing them into categories. It also makes shopping easier compiling the list.

Bottle opener
Many prefer to cover the refrigerator with magnets of all shapes and sizes. If you do choose to, you can put some useful devices such as a bottle opener with magnet.

Entertaining Magnets
Of course, do not overlook the obvious accessory for the fridge: the eternal magnet. I suggest if you still want to put your magnets on the fridge, choose an interesting and unusual design.

Magnetic spice container
You can use magnetic spice container to leave some free space on shelves and decorate your refrigerator. You can arrange at will, so be creative.

How often do you organize your food in the fridge?

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