Laminated Floor: What To Avoid And How To Maintain It

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In one house, a laminate floor adds beauty and elegance, but only if you know how to maintain it.

Find out the most common mistakes we make and how we can fix them:

1. Too much water. To clean a floor you need water. The problem is that when we use too much water, it penetrates through the joints and is absorbed, thus ruining the material. Try using very little, or not at all. When you clean regularly it is sometimes enough to use only a dry mop to remove dust. Sticky areas or spots, you can spray a little water and then immediately wipe with a dry cloth.

2. Detergents are wrong. You’re tempted to choose the most expensive cleaner just because the packaging says that will make your floor look fabulous. Some cleaning products can give the appearance of your floor clogged, especially when they are used too often. Try to follow the instructions on the bottle, or simply to clean with water alone or with a dry mop.

3. Vacuum the dust or sweeping. Floors must be swept or vacuumed to have them always clean. However, making the operation too often, you can scratch surfaces.

4. Mop. Despite attempts to clean your floor with a dry cloth only, eventually you’ll have to use a mop. Try to choose a mop soaked up with water well, or sponge, but one that does not scratch.

5. Furniture. Moving furniture around the house can be very damaging. Install protective rubber material on the feet and thus avoid scratches.

6. Watering indoor plants. If you set the pots on the floor, be careful when you wet plants. The best thing would be to climb a support to avoid allowing the excess water on the floor.

7. Pets. Your pet’s food and water can ruin your floor. Put a rubber pad under its vessels rubber and thus get rid of scratches and fallen food.

8. Sunlight. Sunlight is falling daily in the same place and thus can discolor the floor. Close curtains or blinds in very sunny days.

If you have any ideas on how you can care for laminate floor, leave us a comment. We are eager for new ideas!

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