Cleaning The Wallpaper: Tips And Solutions

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The wallpaper is an excellent solution in house. But to fully enjoy the beauty and benefits of it, this must be cleaned regularly. Find out all about cleaning the wallpaper.

When I say regular cleaning, I think of intervals of 10-12 months or less if is kitchen wallpaper. If you decided to put wallpaper on the walls of the kitchen it is recommended that you also invest in a good kitchen hood to protect the wallpaper.

Wallpaper cleaning dust can be done every two to three weekly cleaning in the house. Dust joins the wallpaper, especially if it is one that has a design in relief. You simply clean it with a vacuum, but must use a soft brush.

Thorough cleaning of wallpaper, by washing it, is done only when it is really needed. Water and degreasing solutions can only clean washable wallpaper, the one made of paper can be cleaned only with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Washable wallpaper it is much easier to clean with warm water mixed with vinegar. Use a soft cloth or sponge. These have to be squeezed very well. After being removed with vinegar and water or other solutions specially designed for washable wallpaper, it must necessarily be wiped with another dry cloth.

Wallpaper cleaning always starts from the top down, from the corners of the wall inwards to have a clean house.

A solution of water, baking soda and vinegar thoroughly clean washable wallpaper.

You can use an alcohol solution of equal parts water sprayed directly on to the wallpaper. Leave it a several minutes then wipe with a dry cloth. Try before on a less visible area and see how the wallpaper behaves to this treatment. Basically, any cleaning solution has to be tested before cleaning the wallpaper.

Ventilate the room well which makes cleaning the wallpaper much easier. This way, you remove vapor of used substances and the area can be cleaned and dried faster.

Never use substances that could destroy it as chlorine-based detergents, abrasive cleaners or lemon for cleaning wallpaper. It is important that the detergent used does not attack the wallpaper and does not to leave any stains.

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