Cleaning Strategies For Busy People

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The organization of cleanliness I would like to propose will keep your house clean for a longer time and with less effort.

When you have a busy schedule, it makes no sense to worry that you cannot do a household level professional cleaning. Not to mention that when you work, you really have no chance to keep the house 100% neat and tidy. However, following a few simple rules you can get a satisfactory clean and tidy process and make sure that things won’t go out of hand – so that you do not need a whole day for cleaning.

Here are some common-sense rules that will help you to keep your house clean and tidy every day.

Make a schedule for: morning, night and other activities

With short cleaning activities during the morning and evening, you can be sure you’ll be able to maintain your daily cleanliness and order at a normal level. When I have a very day busy, that’s all I have to do. To keep the house in good condition, even to receive visitors, it does not require so much effort.

Analyze your daily schedule and decide when you can add some cleaning activities. Depending on the week you can decide to fix them all in a weekend (with music and a cool drink), or to schedule one day.


Empty the dishwasher while you wait for the first cup of coffee or tea.
Usually you just simply wait; looking on the walls as the coffee or tea is ready in the morning, hoping that time will pass faster until it’s ready. Use this time to dry and put back in the buffet dishes from the dishwasher; so next time the dishwasher will be ready to go quickly.

Wash all the dishes after breakfast (in fact, after every meal).
It is much easier to rinse a few dishes and cups after use, rather than a sink full of washing the end of the day. It is a habit that many consider tedious at first, but quickly becomes habit.

Put the laundry washing machine as soon as you awake.
If you start the washing machine as soon as you awake, it will be ready to dry before you go to work.

Use moisture from the shower to your advantage.
Allocate yourself a few seconds to wipe the bathroom sink and mirror in the morning, right after you showered and humidity will help you. A passer microfiber cloth is all you need for everything to look like new.
Tip: Keep a mini-cleaning kit in the bathroom so you wn’t need to search the house for things you need.


Arrange the entrance hall.
Instead of throwing things everywhere around you when you enter the house, give yourself a few moments and put them in place. Arrange your shoes, put clothes in the hanger, put gloves and scarf in place and arrange correspondence (invoices, etc.).

Make a quick cleaning after dinner.
Even if you’re exhausted, you’re sure to start the dishwasher to wash the stove quickly and give a quickly sweep or mop the kitchen. Take out the trash or pack it and put it at the entrance (in the apartment, not the hallway! – If you live on the block), so you will remember to throw it in the morning.

Make order in crowded places.
You know the places I’m talking about: where clutter is installed without anyone’s fault though. So, before you go to bed assign yourself a few minutes to fix things around the house that are not in place, particularly in areas where you know that is clutter. Arrange living room, clean and dispose kitchen table and put back in the closet things that sit on the chair in the bedroom.

Other activities

When you make a list of other activities, have mercy on you! Just pick things that fit your lifestyle, your home and the time you have available. Here are some ideas:
Vacuum and / or wash with mop
Wipe the dust
Clean the bathroom
Clean the refrigerator

Now check your schedule again and see if you cannot squeeze these activities during the week. For example, you can clean the fridge before you go to market, you can wipe the dust whenever you get the chance and you can rest in the weekend with a cup of coffee or tea in hand.

What’s your best trick for a quick cleaning?

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