Autumn Cleaning: Adapting Your Home For The New Season

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Autumn cleaning is not just about cleaning exactly; it is a good opportunity to adapt the house to the new season.

Autumn cleaning is tonic and brings positive energy to the house. Living according to the weather outside is comfortable, it helps you adapt, it makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Autumn cleaning means clean air and comfort in the house, just because autumn is one of the most energetic times of the year; on the contrary it comes with monotony and drowsiness. Remove all unnecessary items. Whether is summer clothes or items that you brought for the summer house, all must be put in storage boxes and preserved.

Change the order of clothes in closets, wardrobes and make orders in racks in the lobby. Keep handy rubber boots, umbrellas and gloves. A new support for umbrellas and a drain gritty, in the lobby are practical and decorative equally.

Bring thick bedding. Put mats in places where you went barefoot in the summer.

Change sofa and armchairs covers. Add a few new pillows and a little soft blanket for each armchair.

If you get used to it, change the curtains and make a check so that all lights have new bulbs. Possibly add a new lamp in the house. In the autumn we need light more than in any other season.

Change the mat at the entrance. It is a Feng Shui trick that brings positive energy in the home.

Wipe the windows. It’s an important detail in the plan for the autumn cleaning. They will not show the dust if you use a natural solution of equal parts alcohol and glycerin. When the windows are clean, the sun can warm better the house, and positive energies are multiplied.

Review all the plants in the house and give them what they need depending on variety. Change their soil and place, and if necessary, clean them up, add fertilizer or put them in winter.

Clean appliances in the kitchen. For autumn cleaning you must pay special attention to the kitchen, because this room will become a gathering place for the whole family.

Refresh the air in the entire house washing curtains. An autumn cleaning requires this step.

Review all heating appliances, repair them, clean them and keep them handy.

Check the chimney, gutters and downspouts. See if the windows close perfectly, and fix what needs to be repaired. Check the vents of the house and clean them.

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